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Website New Features

Datafeed feature for online price compare website www.myshopping.com.au has been embeded into our online shop website.

Never been easier to post your products into the mainstream online price compare website and gain more potential customers for your online business.

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5 Major Questions and Our Answers

OLEBIZ provides you unique web solutions
We began providing web solutions in 1993 to address the growing demand for professional company web sites.
With 15 years web solution experience, OLEBIZ's web professionals have a deep understanding for the entire web scopes.
At OLEBIZ, we focus on creating innovative, flexible, & cost effective web solutions for businesses, organizations, and professionals. for your peace of mind, we take care of every single aspect of your web needs.
Trust us, build for tomorrow.
Take a look first at our examples of finished websites.


*Want to start your website today?
OLEBIZ provides OP (online presentation) series product line, which are suitable for enterprises customers who want to build their regular website. All contents are well organized and easily manageable.
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*Want your website be unique?
Although we have provided abundant amount of pre-built website themes with different look and feel, which may save your time and cost to put your new website online, we also take care about your personalized special needs.
Feel free to contact our professional website design and graphics design service team, express your requirements, let us bring you an unique website which is exactly what you want.
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*Want to expand your business online?
Online shopping customers group are keep growing up incessantly. Never miss this rapidly increasing internet market out. No matter where customers are, your online web shop can reach them.
We provide OS (Online Shop) series product line, which embeds fully-functional online shopping cart into your website.
Website customers can make the payment online with their credit card or other regular bank accounts*.
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*Take control on your web contents?
Information you want to publish on your website or internet are growing and changes all the time. Static website doesn't match the requirements for modern internet information publishing.
We bring you the dynamic content management features. It let you easily manage and update your latest information, which makes your website contents are always up to date.
Edit, add your contents in "what you see is what you get" manner, just like local documents in your PC. It's never been any easier.
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*Feel hard with technical problems?
Virus, hackers, bandwidth limitation, system fault, data lost, so many technical problems which a webmaster must take care of. Don't let these issues occupied all your time and energy.
Let us take care of all your web issues. We provide complete solutions from domain name registration to daily runtime maintenance for your website.
Let us handle these un-relating problems. Now you can concentrate on your business, easily and effectively.
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*Try it, DIY and buy with confidence
Can I build my website myself, just like decorating my house? Yes, you can.
Register a free account on our website and create your testing site straight away. With a little bit desktop computer skills, which you may already mastered during the daily operating of desktop applications UI, you can categorize and manage your online contents. If you are an excellent artist and PC person, you can even change your website's look and feel.
As a result, you can see how the website is looking which you are buying before you decide to pay for it. 
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